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This boho chic design was achieved by combining organic elements, natural materials, and a nod to tribal accents throughout the spacious villa.


Each room features warm earthy hues, selected wooden materials, and light natural fibre fabrics to deliver a sun-lit coastal luxury home feel year-round...

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A stunning prime location here in Abu Dhabi, the design was crafted to maximise and reflect this beachside apartment’s beautiful azure ocean view as well as the contemporary stylish lifestyle of Saadiyat Island itself. The design subtly introduces accents of softer seascape blues to create a calming family home with rustic wooden accent furniture...see more

Through a fusion of elegance and functionality, this design achieves a sophisticated dream home supporting an exceptional family everyday life. 


The complete villa design incorporates a blend of contemporary tones, textures, and subtle geometric symmetries to create a harmonious feel...see more

A project in the heart of Hong Kong's rejuvenation area overlooking beautiful parkland, a welcomed break from the city's bustling life beyond. This was a full regeneration and reinvention design. The plan demanded removing entire walls; vaulting the space from closed to open plan living. It was back to bare concrete, completely transforming a quaint three bedroom home into a contemporary one bedroom apartment that exudes luxury...see more


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