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The first step in the design process is sitting down with you the client to fully understand your needs. Every client is wonderfully unique and so their resulting design must be as well. Capturing and understanding the different lifestyles, hobbies, functionality requirements, ideals and what each of us feels is the perfect home -  this is what lays the groundwork for the process and a winning design. From this conversation – the resulting design brief determines the budget, along with a timeline, scope of works and detailed list of what will be delivered.

The design begins to take shape back in the studio through a visual combination of sketches, mood boards and colour. The concept phase develops and balances the client’s desires and needs, having been thoroughly detailed in the in-depth design brief, and brings them to life for the first time. The design concept is an exciting time of crystalising of your requirements and desires into functional options. Each project is different, just as we are as individuals, my job is to ensure your home is as it should be - a reflection of who you are!

During the presentation phase, the unified design as well as every element in detail will be presented to you and a key conversation is had to identify what delights as well as what tweaks and changes are desired. The key elevations, plans and sections will be shown to scale and when required, detailed drawing of bespoke furniture. We believe it is essential for the client to see the design in full detail and it is fundamental for clients to be able to visualise their home coming to life.

Once the design has been approved by the client we can then move forward with the procurement phase. This is where the design starts to be transformed into reality! After the careful steps above this is when the design comes to life and the hard work reveals itself. During this phase we work together to obtain all the lovely furniture, fixtures, and finishings to assemble the design you’ve fallen in love with. This can sometimes be a daunting part of the design process, but rest assured the time carefully invested in the previous steps now pay off and ensure success!


The Installation phase is the final stage in the process. This is where the interior design scheme is fully realised, all the details from concept through to procurement come together and create your tailored designed space.  We are on site to ensure the quality and placement is done to plan, and our handpicked contractors are there working hard! This is where we see all of our hard work pay off and your lovely home start its new life, enjoyed by you!


Furniture Design

Bespoke furniture design can be a key element in a home or business. With years of experience designing a wide variety of specialised furniture – from built-in cabinetry, walk-in wardrobes, dining tables, cinematic entertainment centres, office furniture, and more, you can be confident you will receive a superior design service, executed and built with tried and tested master craftsmen. All bespoke furniture follows the above design phases. The detailed drawings down to the centimetre are delivered to the craftsmen to ensure a sophisticated finish and functionality. Whether you're looking to furnish your home or business, bespoke furniture can often make a space extraordinary.   

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